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produkt-3krydsfinerPlywood is stock item in virius veneer and sizes.

The following items are standard stock items:


3-21mm in 1525x1525 int. Quality B / BB and BB / CP (However 3mm in CP / C)

6-21mm in 2440x1220 (2500x1250) ext. Quality BB / CP

Plywood, red veneer

6-21mm in 2440x1220 ext. Quality BB / CC. Very nice red outer veneer in Bintangor.

Packaging quality Elliottis, MCX etc.

6-21mm in 2440x1220. We always have something in stock at the right price.


Wisa-Spruce III / III 18mm in 2400x1200 and 2440x1220

Plywood TG2 15 and 18mm 2440x1220

Filmfaced Plywood

Stocked in 9-21mm and 12-15mm 2500x1250 1500x3000 in Russian Birch smooth / smooth.

Stocked in 12-15mm and 21mm 2500x1250 1500x3000 in the East (B qualifier) smooth / smooth

From 6,5-40mm can home disposed of 2500x1250 and 1500x3000m in smooth / slippery and smooth / rough in Russian birch.